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Occu-Med's on-site services save employers money, by reducing the time it takes to conduct these medicals. Our nurses come to your workplace and conduct any required employee medicals right at your worksite. A 50-minute medical therefore takes about 50 minutes. No travel, no detours, and no waiting at the doctors office.

Portable Equipment
Our nurses use an assortment of portable medical equipment to provides services at our client's production sites. With this equipment, our nurses can transform a first-aid room, meeting room, board room, unused office or even a hotel suite into an employee health testing facility in approximately 20 minutes .

Our onsite services can include:

  • Employee medicals, like Silica medicals and Asbestos medicals
  • Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Tests)
  • Audiometric Testing or Hearing Tests - screening tests only
  • Back & Lift Testing
  • Vision Screening
  • Drug Testing

In fact, we can do just about any employee medical test on a mobile basis, except for volume audiometric testing, where we use our Mobile Hearing testing unit; and for X-Rays, where we use our Mobile Health Testing Unit (with X-Ray machine).

You are here: Home Service Location Choices Onsite Health Testing

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Need to know who was tested? We can reprint employee testing reports if needed.

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