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The Benefits of Working with Us

Employers save time, reduce hassle and lower costs associated with Occupational Health & employee health testing by working with Occu-Med. We deliver our employee health testing services in a number of ways:

  • Our Mobile testing units (think 'clinics on wheels') travel to clients who need pre-placement medicals, periodic medical surveillance testing, and mobile hearing testing for a number of employees.
  • We conduct employee medicals at clinics across Canada for pre-placement medicals, and possibly to catch-up any employees missed during volume testing.

Occu-Med Health Services can help create safer workplaces, while reducing occupational health costs and making employee testing programs simpler to administer.

The Service The Benefit
Our "Clinics on Wheels" travel to your worksite or other arranged location. Lower Costs. Mobile testing can significantly reduce the cost of employee downtime.
We can assign a Health Testing Team to fit your schedule Shorter Testing Cycle. We can test a larger number of employees per shift or per day. We can do in 2 or 3 days what internal nurses would take a year to do.
We work nights, mornings and whenever you need us. Simplified Scheduling. There's very little need to arrange for employees to come in off-shift to see a Doctor or clinic that only works 9 - 5.
Our Clinic Network is national in scope. One point of contact... Simplifies to book medicals almost anywhere in Canada - reduces the amount of time your company has to spend managing its pre-placement or periodic medical program.
We work with your existing health staff! Better Utilitization of Your Staff. Existing staff can focus on necessary and more time-intensive followup while we do the high-volume testing. Our services allow you to test many more employees in much less time than you could with internal staff.

We know that our services can save employer's money, time and hassle.

Contact us to learn more. We'd by happy to discuss our service options with your company's HR and Occupational Health professionals and show you how our services save employers Money, Time and Hassle.

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Building Blocks: Good Health

Design templateHealth promotion acts as the foundation of a strong Employee Health program.


Need to know who was tested? We can reprint employee testing reports if needed.

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