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Occu-Med operates a national network of medical clinics which conducts pre-placement and periodic medicals for a large number of clients -- either because they want to ensure employees are medically fit for new positions, or because they are required to conduct medicals by provincial occupational health & safety legislation.

Our Network Medical Service provides a number of key benefits to clients with operations in, or who are hiring from, multiple locations across Canada. We provide:

  • one point-of-contact for booking and arranging employee medicals
  • a consistent and guaranteed pricing structure across Canada
  • a consistent set of protocols, forms, and processes implemented across the network

One point-of-contact

All network medicals are booked through one central office -- by phone, fax, e-mail, or web-based request. In many cases all you need to do you tell us how many people you are hiring (for pre-placement medicals, for example), their expected or desired start dates, and the contact numbers. We take care of the rest.

Consistent Pricing

In many cases, we can work with a client's expected hiring pattern to average our prices for medicals across Canada. Tired of paying $240 in one city for the same service that costs $90 in another? Call us, we'll fix it.

Consistent Service

All clinics use protocols, forms, and tests that are specified or approved by Occu-Med and the client.
You call one number; receive one service, at one price. In short, we simplify the management of your medical pre-placement program.
You are here: Home Service Location Choices National Clinic Network

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Need to know who was tested? We can reprint employee testing reports if needed.

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