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Vision screening may be included in pre-placement or periodic medicals where:

  • the job for which an employee is being considered requires good vision, particularly if that would be safety sensitive or required for production purposes
  • there are regulatory requirements for employee vision testing, or
  • where a safety standard recommends that vision be tested

Some Examples:

  • Canadian Standards Association standard B335-15, "Safety Standard for Lift Trucks" recommends vision screening as part of the general medical and physical fitness requirements for lift truck operators.
  • A client producting carpet may require Quality Assurance personnel to be able to distinguish between different colors (like brown, orange, red) for production purposes

Vision screening will test near and far vision in both eyes.  It also tests peripheral vision and depth perception.

Vision testing comes in essentially 3 versions:

Vision screening machine used by Occu-Med for vision tests

  1. The Snellen Chart - which is the typical eye-doctor chart
  2. The Vision Screener (see right), which most employee recognize as the type of machine by the Ministry of Transportation to test those getting a driver's license
  3. The Ishihara Vision Test (below right), which uses various 'plates' of colored dots to test various color-blindness and vision issues.

With a Vision Screener, the test is conducted by having the employee look into the vision screener and telling the nurse what he/she sees on the screen.

Employees who wear glasses should bring them to the examination.
The results are then recorded and reviewed by our medical director.

Please contact us with any questions about Employee Vision Testing

You are here: Home Employee Health Testing FAQ How does VISION SCREENING work?

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